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Whether we are discussing the latest about tech and gaming or sharing feedback amongst each other about our setups, swashin is a place for techies and gamers to hang out and have a good time. We strive for everyone to have interaction with one another while enjoying our quality content we produce. We are extremely grateful for all of you as well as the support you have shared with us.

Creating the content that brings us together is however costly and although we are in the beginning stages of the network, we plan to grow and produce more content at a higher level of quality. We want to do so without flooding our content with advertisements and such that inconvenience you. We ask that you please consider a donation via Paypal or click on our Amazon affiliate link before shopping, either way it will help us greatly and we really appreciate it.

If you can’t help then no worries! We totally understand and all we ask is that you keep supporting us with likes, retweets, comments and more! swashin would not be possible with you and we are so happy you are coming along for the journey ahead!

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